Vapor Trail Limb Driver Pro


Vapor Trail Limb Driver Pro 00034

Time Tested, proven perfection. The original Limb Driver Pro is still a solid foundation to our rest line, and continues to be a popular addition to the bowhunter or target shooter’s setup. Featuring a spring-steel Hunter style launcher blade, free-floating head, and adjustable spring-tension, the Limb Driver Pro is able to absorb initial arrow shock resulting in truer arrow flight with incredible accuracy. New for 2013 the Limb Driver Pro is operable from the top OR bottom limb, increasing options for your personal setup preference. Available in Black, custom target colors, and multiple launcher-blade styles, this continued Inside Archery Best Buy winner is a simple ticket to success! Package also includes mounting hardware, activation cord, arrow holder, limb pad and shelf pad.

$114.99 In stock