QAD Ultrarest MXT


QAD Ultrarest MXT 00025


QAD Ultrarest MXT Arrow Rest – Black

    • Vertical and horizontal microclick adjustments maximize accuracy
    • Arrow containment is ideal for treestand hunting
    • Fletching clears even with the fastest-shooting bows
    • Lock-Down technology eliminates bounceback
    • Silencing laser-cut felt and rubber dampeners
    • Shoots from a 90° position, proven to be the most accurate position
With precise vertical and horizontal click adjustments that move the rest just .00195" per click, QAD's Ultrarest MXT Arrow Rest is ideal for competition shooters and hunters who demand exceptional accuracy from their equipment. Arrow containment ensures your arrow never falls off, while the drop-away design has been tested with bows shooting over 400 fps with complete fletching clearance. Lock-Down technology makes sure there is no bounceback when the rest falls. Laser-cut felt and rubber dampeners keep each shot quiet and vibration-free. Launcher raises to a 90° position, which has been proven to be the most accurate position, and only drops when the bow is fired, allowing you to let down slowly when needed. Positive-locking dovetail system and anti-backlash technology. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. Made in USA.
Right Hand, Left Hand.
Color: Black.
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