QAD Ultrarest HDX Black/Camo


QAD Ultrarest HDX Black/Camo 00024


QAD Ultra-Rest HDX Arrow Rest – Black

    • Lock-Down Technology eliminates rest bounce back
    • Full-draw indicator ensures proper launcher position
    • Advanced Vibration Technology reduces vibration
    • Total arrow containment
The top-of-the-line QAD Ultra-Rest HDX has a curved capture bar and a redesigned vertical, making it far more versatile and compatible than ever before. The Mounting Block Design gives you even more vertical adjustment and fits most bows on the market. Full-draw indicator marks ensure proper launcher position at full draw. The rest boasts Lock-Down Technology, eliminating rest bounce back. Advanced Vibration Technology reduces vibration, while durable molded rubber creates ultraquiet shots and feel. Velocity Drop-Away Technology maintains arrow-capture position even during slow let down. Adjustable timing cord at the thumbwheel. Vertical, horizontal and overdraw adjustments. Breakaway safety feature. Constructed of CNC-aluminum stainless steel and Delrin® components. Made in USA.
Available: Right hand, Left hand.
Color: Black.
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